How To Grate Spices & Cheeses

How To Grate Spices & Cheeses

When you are grating spices or hard cheeses with The Grate Plate, you will want to keep the plate dry. 

Nutmeg: hold the entire Nutmeg in your dominant hand and The Grate Plate in your other hand. Tilt The Grate Plate sideways and grate fresh Nutmeg back and forth over your recipe. Fresh Nutmeg is a delicious gourmet touch over a hot latte!

Cinnamon: Find a Cinnamon Stick that is wide- the thinner ones will break easily. Keep The Grate Plate on your counter and grate the Cinnamon Stick back and forth at a diagonal. Hold the Cinnamon Stick near the grating surface to keep the Cinnamon from chipping off.

Parmesan or any other Hard Cheeses: Hold the block of cheese in your dominant hand and The Grate Plate in your other. Tilt the plate sideways and grate back and forth directly over your recipe. Perfect for an Italian dinner, have everyone grate their own cheese to their liking!

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